Friday, 20 April 2012


It's been such a long week! Work has been hectic and I am feeling run down today. It is that time so not sure if that is the reason I feel run down. I need to find the motivation to get out for a run today.

I made the plunge and purchased the TIU Diet plan, so will get to grips with that this weekend. I like the idea of getting up 30 mins early to fit some exercise in before the day hits. I personally have days where all heck breaks loose so that by the time I get home from the office, I have no energy to do anything, let alone be perky for a run! I am working on ensuring that I always have quick meals available so that when this occurs, or after spin class, I have something quick and healthy to eat.

How does everyone else do this?

Anyway, didn't get up until nearly 8 this morning, first decent night's sleep I have had all week. I have also started keeping a food diary in a little notebook I take with me everywhere. I suffer from IBS and acid reflux, so on my journey towards good health, I am keeping a journal to track moods and energy levels and feelings of well being against food eaten and exercise done.

This morning I had big plans, but as I woke up late, stuck to a couple cups of tea and a TIU protein pancake. Always nice.

Mid morning I had 2T hummus and 2 flax/chia crackers with a lemon vitamin water, and a cup of yogi choco tea with a tsp of lavendar honey.

So, lunch is looming, I need to figure out what to eat, I am thinking grilled chicken, quinoa, and kale. Back later to check in!

x Steph

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