Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sluggish start today

Went to bed with the best of intentions, woke up to an epic fail. Had a local lady drop off some tester gluten free cupcakes. I had one with frosting and one without for breakfast this morning. Then a bit later I had an Amy's gluten free bean burrito. And, of course I now feel like kaka! Ok, so to pull back from this I will do my 30 day shred dvd later this afternoon, and then hubby and I have spin class tonight.

Will also aim to eat healthy for the remainder of the day! Need to get out of my slump and get motivated as well.

The week did start with me getting out on my mountain bike for a 10 mile ride Monday night after work, and man was it chilly! Yesterday I was away on business and back late, so no exercise, but back to it today. I have my trail race in a month so I really really need to get back into my running and quickly!

So no more excuses, I have chucked out the rest of the cupcakes, and will get my butt back in gear. I am aiming to try a new recipe every other day. I have also contacted a local university about getting back into classes. Really want to start using my brain again!

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