Monday, 16 April 2012


So I am going through my "mid life crisis" period a bit early.

I feel like I am not where I want to be in life. Yes, I have a decent job, and am finally working for a charity rather than a souless property company as I had been for the last 8 years. Yes I have a lovely hubby, a nice house, 2 incredibly cheeky cats who entertain me no end. I have loads of belongings that while nice aren't really making me happy.

I commute 3 hours a day unless I am able to work from home, and while I am lucky to live by the water, I don't really seem to have enough hours in the day to enjoy it all.

I am stuck in this type of limbo where I know I want more. More happiness, more of a life, more joy, more time away from work, more relaxation time. Oh and more fitness. Ok, I know that's not proper english, but I was trying to stick to a theme.

So, that said, I am trying to figure out what has made me so restless and to also figure out what would make me a happier person. Simply working less won't do it, simply being in better health won't do it. I am also at a crossroads as to where to live. Do I stay in the UK, or do I move home. I have loved England for the last 10 years and am a citizen now, however, I miss warm long summers, and my own "homies".

I have read an article that really speaks to me 50 Ways to Nuture your happiness that I wanted to share, if like me, you are feeling a bit out of sorts and restless as well.

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Have a good day, off for a run in 30 to perk me up!

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