Monday, 16 April 2012


Morning all, starving today!

Had my green monster smoothie first thing, and then by 10 was hungry again, so had my protein pancake.

I just love these pancakes! So much so that I am contemplating buying the Tone it up diet plan. Pricey at $150, but apparently that is a one off charge forever. I have also signed up for the Spring 2012 bikini challenge. Now, I know in that time I still wont be bikini ready, however it will be the kick up the backside I need to get motivated. I have a 5 mile trail run in a month that I am hopelessly behind on, so need to get moving there as well.

I have been focusing on my mountain biking, did a great course this weekend that had my going down steep hills and drop offs, and I even learned to bunny hop!! I will upload the photo once the instructor emails it over.

Busy day today, conference calls, etc, so hope to get a short run in and then get the mountain bikes out for a 13 mile ride. Oh, and to teach hubby how to do bunny hops! ha, I know something he doesn't know, bonus!!

Anyway, back to work! Have a good day!

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