Thursday, 12 April 2012

Interesting late lunch

Well the protein pancake I had at 11 meant that I was full until 3:30! So I have made a late "lunch" to keep me going through spin at 7:30 tonight, and then something light when I get in after class.

So the White Beans and Cabbage turned out ok, but still needs something, will figure it out and try it again, maybe smoked paprika

It has finely chopped potatoes, cooked in olive oil, the recipe called for 2 T but that seemed like too much so I used 1. When they are golden and tender, I added a sweet onion finely chopped and a tin of cannellin beans (large one) and cooked until golden, then added the shredded cabbage. I also chucked in some black garlic because I LOVE it, and it's good for you allegedly, but mostly I just love it.

I seasoned it all up with sea salt and black pepper, and then sprinkled parmesan on top. Might have been a bit better with cheddar, not sure, like I said, it was good, but was definitely missing something. Nice and filling though.

Well here's to finish work and relax a bit before spin class.

Have a good one

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