Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sleepy Sunday

Well, after a long night of interrupted sleep due to cat Schenanigans

I woke up a bit tired this morning and a bit earlier than I would like having told my husband that yes I wanted to get the mountain bikes out this morning for a bit of exercise.

Also to practice some of the moves John at ATB Coaching has been teaching me! Finally managed to get down some steep decents without scaring the crap out of myself! Well done John!

Lovely day so after abuot 2 hours on the bike we went to the pub for lunch. Decidedly unhealthy, so I won't post that here!

Back to get the black bean burgers on for lunches for the week. Had my usual bombshell spell to start the day and then some overnight oats, didn't like the mix today, so won't post that either. Starting Fit and Forty on the 23rd, 40 days of bootcamp like activity and clean eating, so fingers crossed for a drop in dress size, I really do need a kick up the rear and a good loss. Spring might actually be around the corner!

Well back to studying and a bit of work, sad things to do on a nice Sunday! :-)

x Steph

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