Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Work gets in the way of life!

Don't you just hate it when you are in the middle of a perfectly good weekend, being productive, having a great time and then WHAM! It's Monday morning the alarm is blaring away and you are left wondering how the weekend ended so quickly.

I feel like every weekend I get busier and busier. Anyway this weekend was no exception and I didn't win the euro millions so I am back at work. Thankfully I have 5 days in Barcelona to look forward to this weekend, so it's not all bad really.

I have been growing spinach and my husband has been saying that I have to pick it to keep it growing. I didn't believe him but I tried it anyway and man was he right. The first time I went out to pick some for a salad I had a smallish handful, then like 5 days later I had enough to serve us both at dinner as one of our veggies

As you can see I also had a great haul on the rhubarb. I was going to make a crumble, but then realised I needed something to bribe my niece into watching the cats for us when we are away so felt I had better save these for her.

So not a bad haul for such bad weather. We were very excited and ate the spinach steamed with dinner. Delish.

Look at the color of that rhubarb. Beautiful. Ah, here I sound like a proud parent.

Exercise on Sunday was limited to long walks and gardening as I felt I needed a rest. Today is a sunny day, so I am going to take advantage and get out for a run today. I need to get in as much exercise as possible this week ahead of our trip. Hubby has banned running shoes on the trip. Killjoy! I think it's really because he can't run at the moment, he doesn't want me to either, but I think we will end up walking so much while we are away that I will get plenty of exercise.

I have some recipes to post later today, so I'll be back in a while.


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