Friday, 11 May 2012

Bikram yoga!

Ok so I tried bikram yoga for the first time today. I vaguely had an idea what it was about, really hot room and some yoga. Nothing can really prepare you for what it is actually like. As I was waiting outside the studio for it to be set up after the last class I was already "glistening".

So next we go in and it's Florida hot. Hot and humid! And then I find out the class is actually 90 minutes long and I begin to panic a bit.

The instructor was really nice but I should have known from the fact that he was wearing speedos what I had gotten myself in for.

I signed up for a beginners course of as I had read that it's great for runners and it's also great for those with niggling injuries. My right knee and ankle are pretty weak so we will see what happens.

I did ok for the first hour, and then it went a bit poorly after that. We were doing a move similar to the downward facing dog and I nearly yakked! So I had to sit down periodically to keep my head from spinning and made it to the end and then sprinted for the shower which was another adventure in itself, but moving on!

Afterwards I felt like I had had a full body workout. It's fantastic exercise to strengthen your body so I will persevere, but the heat was brutal for me. I will be excited to see how this helps my knee and ankle as I was unable to completely do one of the moves that put both at an odd angle while bending backwards. Ah, found the name! It's the Fixed Firm Pose
Supta-Vajrasana. It's a killer!

Had a nasty headache that just got worse as the day went on and apparently that was down to not hydrating enough afterwards. Also a friend of mine that does it regularly said to drink a gallon of water the day before class as well so I will try both next time and fingers crossed!

Another less pleasant part was the pong of the room from start to finish that you just could NOT get away from! I won't get graphic here but it was not nice!! Let's hope I get used to that as well as it is a bit overpowering!

Have a good day!


  1. I've always wanted to try Bikram yoga, but have been too scared to try. Maybe I'll get a session or two and try it out. I'll keep in mind to drink LOTS of water before and after, too. Thanks for sharing your experience. How often are you going to take classes?

  2. Hi there. I am taking them twice a week, and it is really amazing how quickly you progress even during the session. It is hard work most definitely, but is helping the rehab on my knee!